Managed IT and Security Operations with Zip

Need security and IT, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.
Zip supports a hybrid software and support model to get you best-in-class security quickly and at a competitive price.

Manage Applications

The Application Center ensures that devices come with the right apps installed and that IT and security flow seamlessly.
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Built-in Reporting

Track historical data, progress, and growth with fully integrated reports.
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What's Included

Software as your IT Team

Application deployment and management
Automated macOS upgrades
Chrome Browser Management
Ensuring device recoverability, easy password resets, and more

Software as your Security Team

Automatic CrowdStrike configuration, deployment, and management
Automatic cross-platform policy setting for password protection, firewall, and more
Session monitoring for unmanaged device access

Our Team as your Team

24/7 Threat Hunting
Threat detection, prevention, mitigation, and response
Auditing and reporting compliance workflows