Endpoint Security with Zip

Deploying and configuring CrowdStrike across macOS and Windows devices can take weeks — from ensuring your device management solution is properly installed to installing the sensor versions across operating systems and processor types. Zip handles it all for you, streamlining, automating, and securing everything behind the scenes.
Secure and monitor your macOS and Windows devices with just a few clicks using Zip and CrowdStrike.
Zip integrates with best-in-class security software to make deploying and configuring antivirus, USB protections, and more a breeze.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Deploy CrowdStrike to eligible devices with a single click and avoid manual configuration.
Dashboard mockup

What's Included

CrowdStrike Agent Deployment + Management

One-click deployment for macOS and Windows devices
Agent health and version monitoring
Automatic rollout for newly registered devices

24/7 Threat Hunting

Threat detection
Threat prevention
Threat response and mitigation

Easy Integrations

Identity-based correlation with Google, Azure, and Okta
Plug and play with device management solutions