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Security you can feel good about

No expertise is needed to run a full security program with Zip.
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One-Click IT and Security Workflows

Minimize hassle with single-click workflows for everything from account recovery to deploying CrowdStrike. We provide everything you need to execute instantly.
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Track and Achieve Security Goals

Never worry about missing a compliance standard. Monitor your system’s devices, identities, and 3rd party tools at a bird’s eye view and get each metric to where it needs to be.
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One Tool, One View

We integrate the best in class security tooling like CrowdStrike, Jamf, and Intune to build the enterprise security stack that scales with you - and it’s all behind a single pane of glass.
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Cross-Platform Consistency

Set consistent security policies across Windows and macOS devices without juggling platform specific configuration.

Securing devices, accounts, and data

How our customers save time and resources with Zip

"Zip’s platform allowed us to implement a single source of truth for endpoint protection and compliance overnight. [...] The tools Zip provides allow us to identify and manage endpoint inventory and quickly generate evidence for SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliance needs."

Information Security Director
Financial tech company

"Working with [the Zip] team has helped us put security on rails at our company and build our culture of security. They are very active in engaging with us and building out our feature requests as we build our business alongside theirs."

Software Engineering Manager
Health Tech Company

"It works."

Defense tech company

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What is Zip?
Zip is your single partner to procure, deploy, configure, and manage your enterprise security program. We’ll manage all of the software you need to buy to meet the standards of your customers, insurers, and compliance regimes.
What services do you integrate with?
We support multiple configurations of IDP, MDM, and EDR providers. We currently integrate with GSuite, Okta, AzureAD, Jamf, Intune, and CrowdStrike.
Do I need security experience to use Zip?
No— a piece of our company mission is to make cybersecurity more accessible to everyone. Most of our customers have little to no technical background but are able to successfully roll out enterprise-grade security with just a few clicks.
Do you really have one click CrowdStrike deployment?
Yes, over macOS and Windows devices. We also support device wipe for MacOS and Windows and can automatically set security configurations across both platforms, such as encryption, firewall enforcement, password policies, and more with just a few clicks.
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