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Announcing Our $7.7M Funding Round to Protect Businesses from Cyber Threats

We are excited to announce our $7.7M funding round co-led by General Catalyst and Human Capital, with participation from BoxGroup!
Written by
Josh Zweig
Published on
November 14, 2023

Most organizations do not have the ability to invest in cybersecurity like a Fortune 500, but the burden is increasingly on them to do so. These businesses with no security team or small security teams remain targets because of their access to critical information and because they remain underserved by the industry. At Zip Security, we aim to protect those businesses and their customers' data by making cybersecurity affordable and accessible.

That’s why today we are excited to announce our $7.7M funding round co-led by General Catalyst and Human Capital, with participation from BoxGroup.

“Cyber threats don't discriminate; all businesses, large and small, can face breaches and ransomware issues. Zip is bringing simplicity to security and has created a product as dynamic as the landscape demands. General Catalyst is excited to support Josh, Gabbi, and the team on their journey to shape the future of enterprise security”
Quentin Clark, Managing Director of General Catalyst

Our Journey

My co-founder Gabbi and I met at Palantir Technologies, where we worked on securing some of the most sensitive U.S. government systems. We experienced first-hand how difficult and downright painful it can be to stitch security tooling together.

We founded Zip with the belief that the cybersecurity market desperately needs a SaaS solution that makes securing a company an easy (and, dare we say, enjoyable?) experience.

Our founding team has grown to include other U.S. government and Palantir alumni whose careers have focused on building systems resilient to the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks, with roots in building security programs in government, critical infrastructure, technology, manufacturing, and all around the Fortune 500.

Security, IT, and Compliance Made Easy

Zip’s current customers are businesses across various industries, including defense, health, software, and finance. These critical businesses are a battleground for cyberattacks –  companies with less than 100 employees are three times more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals than larger companies, and any breaches come with high costs. According to the FBI’s 2022 Internet Crime Report, reported losses due to cybercrime exceeded $10.3 billion in 2022. Cyber risk is also increasing, especially for tech-forward companies that leverage a growing assortment of software tools, making it even more expensive for companies that already lack the resources and expertise in cybersecurity to protect their business.

Users of Zip’s software range in experience from security newbies to career professionals, all of whom use us to rapidly secure their business.

“Zip’s platform allowed Finfare to implement a single source of truth for endpoint protection and compliance overnight. The software Zip provides allows Finfare to identify and manage endpoint inventory and quickly generate evidence for SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliance needs”
— Chad Brustin, Director of Information Security at Finfare

At Zip, we build software that automates cloud-based identity management, device management, and endpoint threat detection. Our platform supports integration with industry-leading security tools like Jamf, Intune, Azure AD, Okta, Google Workspace, and CrowdStrike.

By automating the knowledge and operational burden of configuring, deploying, and managing these tools, we can save our customers tens to hundreds of hours a month by reducing operational overhead and lost productivity from context switching between security software while allowing them to quickly and easily apply robust security controls for their organizations.

We plan to use this funding to scale up the development of our software product in service of our customers, including building out more advanced capabilities like device trust, automated patch management, and identity threat detection to provide best-in-class security so that customers can spend their time and resources where it matters most: on their mission.

If you are a security or technology leader facing challenges with securing your company or quickly and easily achieving compliance, please get in touch by booking a demo!

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